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Pack For Success
  Don't underestimate how much you really own ­ start packing several weeks before your planned move date.
  Pack items that you don't use often 1st.

  Number & Label each box where it will go in your new home.

  Keep a list of boxes by number, so you'll know right away if any are missing.

  Professional packing tape should be used. Duct Tape & Masking Tape breaks easily.

  Pad tops & bottoms of boxes with plenty of paper, tissue or cloth.

  Use Clean paper when needed. Old newspaper is fine for some items, but can rub off on others.

  Print "FRAGILE" on boxes with breakable items.

  Pack boxes tightly. If it rattles or makes noise, the contents could be damaged while in transit.

  Blankets and other soft items can be used to fill these gaps to ensure a safely packed box.

  Never pack flammable items, such as fuel, aerosols or cleaning supplies.
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